Butchery is traditional work
Specialists on a semiautomated disassembly line

They stun you and exsanguinate
They skin, scald and de-hair
They eviscerate and split you

These skills, required to sell the meat
Of slaughtered animals in a timely manne

Ned James & the Swifts

Current Show: Homage to January -
Exhibition runs 4 -19 APRIL
re-opens 29 APRIL - 17 MAY
Opening times: Tues - Sat / 12 - 4.30



Division of Labour (DoL). The gallery is based in two venues within Worcester City, 250km north-west of London.

The DoL OFFICE is used as a residency and project space, It was once a 19th century abattoir and butchers outside the city walls. The City of Worcester is known for the first skirmish and the last battle of the English Civil War, it is home to the condiment Worcester Sauce and the city is infamous as a town planning case study; the 'rape' of Worcester.

DIVISION of LABOUR, the gallery is located on the ground floor of the city municipal museum. Worcester City Museum and Gallery was founded in 1833 by members of the Worcestershire Natural History Society, Worcester claims to be one of the oldest museums in the country.