WHAT: Abstract Kab (ABkB) is a mobile display space, it exists in both cyberspace and on terraferma which provides us with the opportunity to bring contemporary art outside of the gallery and allow the public to engage with art in new ways. During the COVID-19 lockdown Division of Labour have been rethinking how the gallery functions and the ways in which the people can consume art and how to survive neoliberalism and capitalist realism. As well as having virtual exhibitions we wanted to be able to present work in ways that allowed people to still retain the physical experience of interacting with art objects. WHERE: The vehicle will engage the new NFT* communities on blockchain decentralised platforms, currently on OpenSea** with plans to work with landowners in Decentraland and Cryptovoxals***. AbkB will also be on the road visiting community organisations, schools and educational settings where it will be offered as a resource. WHY: In an aim to make the project accessible to a large audience Abstract Kab will also tour Northern Europe making stops in towns and cities where individuals and organisations can book to see the gallery. WHO: For each edition of the project an artist/artists will be commissioned, by Division of Labour or selected from an open competition, to design a livery for the exterior which will act as a moving display for curated exhibitions for the interior of the vehicle, allowing for a moving display as well as an intimate exploration of its contents. Participating artists will also be encouraged to create a print and an NFT which can be sold to facilitate the longevity of the concept and allow new artists to continue the van project. WHEN: We are launching this project in spring 2021 with the artists Yelena Popova with Gavin Wade.

*NFT - Non Fungible Token - a coded transaction of a digital resource created on the blockchain - supported by Etherium. (Etherium is a cryptocurrency)
** Opensea - https://opensea.io/collection/abstract-kab/assets/edit

*** Decentraland and Cryptovoxals are metaverses created in cyberspace - Abstract Kab is currently looking for Decentraland owners to host our project : - https://share.decentraland.org/b/scene/ee87bb32-23ae-43c8-a8b0-37765ef74ff2 

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