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joined 2017


Céline Berger, Cornford & Cross, Brian O'Doherty, Andrew Gillespie, Ned James, Andrew Lacon, Joanne Masding, Flore Nove-Josserand, Joe Fletcher Orr, Yelena Popova, Saulius Leonavicius, Gavin Wade


'After' is the first of three exhibitions in 2016 exploring the research interests of the gallery Division of Labour – set on Herald St in Bethnal Green, London, this programme of group shows is linked to the disappearance and re-occurrence of the avant-garde from a body of ideas by the critical theorist and writer John Roberts. This run of exhibitions will examine how function, author- ship and the modern conditions of labour resonate in historical and contemporary art works. The first episode, 'After' will focus on the invisible, examples include thought experiments by renowned artists from Brian O’Doherty and Robert Barry, institutional critique by established artists Cornford & Cross and 'after' works by Andrew Lacon and artist-curator Gavin Wade.