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Céline Berger, Andrew Gillespie, Ada Van Hoorebeke, Jeremy Hutchison, Jasleen Kaur, Andrew Lacon, Leeds Weirdo Club, Andrew Mania, Fay Nicolson 

The relocation of the gallery Division of Labour from London to Manchester and this inaugural show; Apparel, marks the beginning of a 20 month long research project into co-operatives and mutualism.

A socialist gallery ?

The artist Stuart Whipps challenged the premise of the gallery's modus operandi and posed a question; Could a not- for-profit gallery for represented artists work as a collectivised mutual or co- operative group? What mechanisms and structures could be employed to create a working gallery where a fair distribution of profit from sales can exist?

"Be Realistic
Demand the Impossible"


'Be Realistic Demand the Impossible' is the title of our research programme in Salford, Manchester and Rochdale. It was the rallying cry adopted by the May 68 uprising.  Over 20 months the gallery will enact six shows looking at; clothes ('Apparel' Winter 2018), housing ('British Home Stores' BHS Spring / Summer 2019) food ('Piecemeal' / Summer / Autumn), healthcare (NHS Autumn / Winter), transport (title tbc Winter/ Spring) and banking (title tbc Summer2020)