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Art Antwerp  / Booth B10 / '1975'

1975 at Art Antwerp Booth B10

Céline Berger (FR)

Edward Clydesdale Thomson (NL,SC)

Priscila Fernandes (NL,PT)

curated by Nat Pitt (UK)

Art Antwerp : 14-17 December 2023 / Antwerp Expo (Jan van Rijswijcklaan 191, 2020 Antwerp)

“I was born in 1975, Bas Jan Ader disappeared, Céline Berger was two years old and living in a commune

in France and Natalie Dunn won the World Roller Skating Championships in LA”

Nat Pitt

The 1970’s were a decade of radical activism and political division. Growing scepticism in grand narratives

and modernity saw the decade end with texts like Lyotard’s La Condition postmoderne (1979; The Postmodern Condition) A period where work and leisure, labour was questioned, held up to critique, where we sought utopias, the miraculous or simply pleasure.


1975 presents three artists all with close working and living relationships to the Netherlands, who use

history in their work, a shared philosophy about family, the environment and work.

Image details to follow

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