Céline Berger (b.1972) graduated from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne in 2012, she the undertook a residency at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam, 2012-13. She received the Nam June Paik Newcomer Award in 2012. 

The works of Céline Berger are deeply rooted in a fascination for management concepts, methods and discourses: examples include early time - and - motion studies, quantifications strategies, lean management concepts, coaching and storytelling techniques. Her work often involves external participants, managers, consultants or business coaches and she creates objects, videos and installations exploring the way we deal with ourselves in a work situation through our use of language.

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Ballade (2017) 

Experimental Short film: 2K, 16:9, color, 5.1, German or English (Sync.), 23:00
Script, direction, edit: Céline Berger - Camera: Julia Franken - Cast: Mareile Blendl, Stefan Gebelhoff, Klaus Ebert


A barren landscape, the wind blows. Three protagonists hike across the plateau, deep in conversation with one another. They recount specific issues from their professional lives as Project Leader, Personnel Officer, and Managing Director. Banal words of regret and apprehension, trivial dreams of a better future, which, displaced in an arid landscape, resonate in a peculiar way.
With a script based on coaching dialogues recorded in various business schools, BALLADE questions the rhetoric and narrative strategies of business coaching.

Funded by:

Film und Medienstiftung NRW, Kunststiftung NRW, Stipendium für Medienkünstlerinnen des Landes NRW, Filmlaboratorium Düsseldorf.


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Ein ganz schlechter Zeitpunkt (Very bad timing), 2020
Solo show, innogy headquarters, opernplatz 1, Essen, Germany
Residency project, Innogy Stiftung



Solo show, Offshore wind farm Nordsee Ost, Helgoland, Germany
Residency project, Innogy Stiftung

Kein dritter mann (No third man), 2019
Short Film, HD, Stereo, 16:19 min

Twelve men. Onshore: a control room, offshore: 48 wind turbine generators and a transformer station. The North sea in a dense fog.?"No third man" gathers observations of the day to day working life at an offshore wind farm. We see simple gestures of maintenance, the delicate balance between routine and wakefulness, direct communication and irony.?

This video work has been produced in the frame of the innogy artist residency programm 'VISIT'.

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Short Film, HD, Stereo, 7:00 min

The gigantic state hold chemical combine of the city of Victoria (Romania) produced nitrocellulose, a strategic explosive. Built in 1949, the factory was hidden in the forest. A forest which it depleted and polluted by supplying itself with cellulose from the trees. Handling nitrocellulose required great care on the part of workers because a gesture too abrupt could cause an explosion.
The chemical combine is today largely abandoned. And it's the forest that takes over. In "L'inocupée", the abandoned factory addresses the forest.

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