1 - 18 May 2020. Half Kasen Renga by Paul Conneally, Gavin Wade and Nat Pitt

this invisible hand

this isolation

I wish you were inert


Mrs Fantastic decides

to take a break


we use Jamie’s

magic torch to open

a portal to Cuckoo Land


The Joke Book is full

of cheese and holes


holding a blue cocktail

Camus feels the power

of Le Vide


I throw myself out

of the airplane window


he charges a euro

to turn on the ecstasy

of Saint Theresa


my daily reminder

from NHS-NoReply


they can’t tell me

what mum died from

but it’s called hospital


was it Buttle or Tuttle

it doesn’t matter to them


stay alert!

for things you can’t see

can’t hear can’t touch


the air between us



Michael Jordan

meets Robert Barry

on the way to LA


there will be seven ‘sevens’

and sixty-two ‘sevens’


almost blind

she enjoys bingo

just for its sound


we blow the whistle

to sabotage the hunt


who told us

you can make poetry

till the ship sinks?


all these years

sloughing the albatross