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Nottingham, Beck Street, Syson Gallery

Need Flowers Tomorrow?

"a sort of botanical glory-hole" 
John Wyndham, The Day of the Triffids

Sara Bjarland, Sam Curtis, Anna Francis, Ned James,
Ivan & Heather Morison and John Robinson


Cryopreservation is a group exhibition of 7 artists whose presentations include flowers as subject. Using our long history with, and our rich relationship to flowers each artist work addresses different concerns, some of which include: 

Poetics (Bjarland) - Labour and economics (Curtis) - Mythology, Sci-fi and cultural history (Robinson, James, Morison) - Urban Renewal (Francis)Works list:
Sam Curtis -Floral Wedding Dress designed and produced by Yvette of Art of Flowers

works list in the absence of images; Still Life Sludge, (2015) Sara Bjarland. Flowers with Swine (2004) Ivan & Heather Morison. Printed Card : Chinese citizen Zhou Peikun and his wife have been breeding pigs for many years. Tonight he will stab her twice, attend to the swine and then strangle himself with a silk thread. The couple had no other occupation. (2003)  Ivan & Heather Morison. Blossom, (2008) Sara Bjarland. Botanical Glory Hole, (2015) Ned James. Brown Field Ikebana (2015) Anna Francis / Cinema, Abatoir, Greyhound Track Found detritus, weeds, postcards / dimensions variable. Paintings by John M Robinson.