Yelena Popova

Diagram 1. Earth, Society, Economy
(Doughnut Economic Model)

Laser cut wood 30x30x1.5 cm


Diagram 2. Natural sources of energy/Tesla's Coil

Laser cut wood 30x30x1.5 cm\

Diagram 3. Structural mesh/social stratas.

Laser cut wood 30x30x1.5 cm


Sergei Podolinsky, a late 19th century pioneer of ecological economics, proposed the inclusion of a principal of embodied energy into Marx’s Labour Theory of Value . While the contemporary Doughnut Economics model, suggested by Kate Raworth in 2012, strives to balance ‘prosperity to all within the means of nature’, the question of a green energy source still remains crucial. Nikola Tesla’s lifework and inventions suggest the possibility of free energy harvested from the magnetic forces of the Earth. Studying social, economic, thermo-dynamic and electromagnetic diagrams Yelena explores different (utopian?) models of balance and probability. 


GiF: Based on the diagram of the Doughnut economy model, Yelena sketched an urban open public space, community meeting point, a forum.


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