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Homage to January

Notes on Homage to January : A group show with works by Robert Barry, Céline Berger, Trevor Clarke, Céline Condorelli, Cornford & Cross, Sam Curtis, Jeremy Hutchison, Ned James, Andrew Lacon, Saulius Leonaviaius, John Robinson, Tom Russotti, John Timberlake, Gavin Wade.

This was the first exhibition to be shown at our new gallery in an old library space within a municipal museum. Artist Ned James has conceived a new structure within the museum borrowed from drawings by Seth Siegelaub for his January 5-31, 1969 show in NY. Our gallery director, Nathaniel Pitt, met Siegelaub in Amsterdam before he sadly passed away in June of last year. We are not seeking to replicate January 5-31,1969, it is not the theme or a survey of the the exhibition, Homage to January is just that, our quiet homage, essentially by bringing together of some of the artists we have worked from 2012-2014.