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J E Z Z A  The Movie (Rough Cut)
The Artist Taxi Driver


2018, Mark McGowan, The Artist Taxi Driver presents the rough cut for his new film project; JEZZA the Movie...  an incredible year long project, hundreds of interviews, following and looking at the movement, the people behind the rise of Jeremy Corbyn.

"British politics is awakening to the force of 'Another World is Possible'. A politics of hope, a politics of a fairer more equal society, where no one gets left behind. The aim of the film is to talk with ordinary people with nurses, firefighters, activists, teachers, comedians, politicians, writers, journalists, to find out is there another way, what does it look like and how are we going to get there. A unique way of working, everything is uploaded on varying platforms across the internet as the project progresses, giving everyone full access to the project as if unfolds.

This is 2018 its going to be amazing a year of optimism a year of positivity of potential...

here we go....."