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In partnership with Paradise Works, Salford.


The Artist Taxi Driver, Lydia Blakeley, Sean Edwards, Joe Holbrook, Jamie Hopkins, Rosie McGinn, Claire Tindale and Alistair Woods. Co-curated by Kieran Leach & Alistair Woods

Originally planned to open prior to the 2020 pandemic, this timely exhibition takes its inspiration from the truism by Stuart Hall; “The NHS is one of the most humanitarian acts that has ever been undertaken in Peace Time.”

Since the planning of this show a new national collective feeling of pride and gratitude for nurses, doctors and care workers has emerged. The exhibiting artists have produced artwork that deals with the ideology, politics and celebration of the NHS as their subject matter.

NHS is one of a five-part series of group exhibitions curated by Division of Labour exploring cooperation and mutualism as we live through a period of capitalist realism*, a term loosely defined as the predominant conception that capitalism is the only viable economic system for our times.  

*Capitalist Realism is there no alternative? is the title of the 2009 book by Mark Fisher.

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