Yelena Popova: Now Showing Then Touring 
April 1st - May 6th 2021, the show is, accessible from the street level 24/7

with The Art House, University of Worcester

Castle House, Worcester, WR1 3AS

Showing, is a partnership between Division of Labour and The Art House, University of Worcester. An exhibition of selected artworks by Yelena Popova (RU, UK) The exhibition includes tapestry, installation, painting and ceramics, housed in the vitrine or glass gallery at The Art House on Castle St in Worcester, UK.  SHOWING: to show or the act of display has been a theme in Yelena Popova’s work for some time. Her collaborative work with artist-curator Gavin Wade illustrates this, in 2015 they worked together on  Cornelius, a functional collectors flight case that not only housed Popova’s earliest works but also displayed them in a unfolding system of concertinaed steel frames TOURING : is a collaboration between artist Yelena Popova and artist-curator Gavin Wade who have designed the exterior and interior, respectively, for the first edition of Abstract Kab, a mobile gallery space (see ABkB page) Tour dates to be shared shortly.


Exhibition images / walkthrough Link