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Objectless Expansion

Expansion for the sake of expansion. War for the sake of fighting. Domination for the sake of dominating. - Joseph Schumpeter
Jeremy Hutchison


For his second solo presentation with Division of Labour, Jeremy Hutchison has created two identical installations. These are prototypes for infinite replicas of the same work. 


Each installation exhibits remnants of an intervention the artist performed in Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia, a magazine of Middle Eastern contemporary art. First, he inserted a cyan page into the magazine. This was photographed. Then reinserted into the next edition. Then rephotographed. Then reinserted into the next edition. Then rephotographed. This mechanical domination of media space performs the logic of Empire: an insatiable colonisation of territory. For Hutchison, this colonial function underpins the logic of the contemporary image: 


The image must circulate endlessly. It must cross borders. It is not a surface, but a network. The image is a military campaign, a marketing campaign. It campaigns for itself. The image must expand. The image is an Empire. 


Objectless Expansion is a term coined by Joseph Schumpeter to describe the workings of Empire. Its logic is tautological: Empire expands for its own sake. It is an endless conquest, a campaign without end. The Empire expands in order to expand the Empire.


This project is ongoing.