2019 © Division of Labour - 4 Edgar Street, Worcester, WR1 2LR UK

The Arthouse, Worcester with Pitt Projects, supported by P-Type display system by Gavin Wade

P is for Portrait

John Ahearn & Rigoberto Torres, Céline Berger, Luke Burton, Chudamani Clowes, Francesca Currie, Jemma Egan, José Fiol, Louise Giovanelli, Jasleen Kaur, Ana Kazaroff, Peter Kennard, Dean Kenning, Nevan LaHart, Cedar Lewisohn, Andrew Mania, The Artist Taxi Driver, Joe Fletcher Orr, Sally Payen, Yelena Popova, John Robinson, Luke Routledge, Amaal Said, Jo Spence, Gavin Wade Clare Woods, Rafal Zar

P is for Portrait

THE ART HOUSE, University of Worcester, Castle Street, WR1 3ZQ curated by Nat Pitt

Pitt Studio & Division of Labour Special thanks to the artists, Paul McKeown, Richard Saltoun Simon Lee, Alexander and Bonin, The Grundy, Square Art Projects

Bosse and Baum, Blink Vision, Art / Illustration staff & students



Notes on A-Z Type Display Units (After Kiesler and Krischanitz)’

Artist-curator Gavin Wade is creating an A-Z alphabet of display structures adapted from the artist and architect Frederick Kiesler’s ‘L-Type’ and ‘T-Type’ Display Unit’s of 1924 and Adolf Krischanitz’s ‘Secession Mobile Wall System’ of 1986. ‘a new language of form’


Both display systems were made in Vienna, Kiesler’s for the ‘Exhibition of New Theatre Technique at the Konzerthaus, and Krischanitz’s as a permanent wall system as part of his

renovation of the Vienna Secession. The structure of Wade’s new display units are loosely based on Kiesler’s attempts to develop a new language of form for installation through a grouping of freestanding demountable supports. Each unit deploys a careful balance of vertical, horizontal and diagonal beams, slatted surfaces and plinths or seats for the adjustable positioning of artworks for display.


P is for Portrait, the P-Type Display Unit plays host to a number of artworks operating as a curated microcosm or a complete exhibition.