Back Catalog 1-4

The ‘Back Catalog’ is a series of eight 50pp catalogues printed and ring-bound produced by Division of Labour in collaboration with invited artists and galleries. The Back Catalog re-presents installation views, happenings and artworks from historic shows to create an exhibition as catalogue.

During this 2020 pandemic and the isolation we find ourselves in, galleries and artists have adopted online presentations, virtual viewing rooms and password protected websites. This catalogue, although free to download online, will appropriate some of the strategies from the dematerialised movements of the 1960’s. In this spirit all work shown has been made between 1965 and 2015. The catalogue design is unashamedly a derivative of, and an homage to; January 5-31 1969 or the ‘January Show,’ the historic show from gallerist Seth Siegelaub.

Seth Siegelaub rented out a first floor office space at 44, 52nd Street, N.Y. The gallery space had two equally sized rooms, one was empty except for a desk, telephone and the exhibition catalogue. The other contained works from the catalogue by Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth and Lawrence Weiner.