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John Robinson

Reboot is an exhibition of paintings by John M Robinson, taken from three different serial fictions by the artist over a period of six years. Curated by Ned James, Robinson has been invited to respond to a selection of previous series works borrowed from the artists own, and various private collections.


'A reboot is a system for removing non-essential elements associated with a franchise or canon of work. For the audience reboots support new consumers unfamiliar with earlier works in a series whilst lending new perspectives to the au courant fan-base . A reboot works by interrupting the continuity through a new arrangement and a new formulation of an established body of work, new timelines, characters, backstories can begin again. A reboot can destroy or merge fictions, it can offer some or no explanation and can be free from chronology to create new opportunities for a fictional series. Reboots are also considered to be safe projects and present new opportunities for engagement and new profit.'

Ned James