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Saulius Leonavičius

Saulius Leonavičius belongs to the camp of dematerialized socio-esthetics, who are interested in the socio-political (institutional) relationships of space and time. Leonavičius questions the status of an “art work” and its functioning in the art system. His works are contextual in a primary sense because he frequently deconstructs a particular context, by opening (previously latent) socio-political layers in an innocent (at first glance) socio-esthetic space.

Mini-interventions, micro-actions or daily practices that are difficult to define in esthetic terms are frequently used for such “deconstructions”. Leonavičius creates situations that inevitably highlight (hide) the basic normative mechanics of a certain discourse and/or an institutional system. In other words, he is digging under the foundation of “art“.

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