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Sam Curtis - C.I.R.F

Sluice Art Fair

Sluice Art Fair 2013


CIRF presented a fully functioning fish counter at Sluice Art Fair to present an ever-changing display of fresh fish and seafood. CIRF invited a range of visiting artists to create their own displays and re-think their own practices through the medium of fish arranging. CIRF was supported by Division of Labour who funded and helped run the counter. 

A world's first - video and fish display

CIRF launched a new innovation in fish display at Sluice Art Fair, the use of correlating video with the fish display. Artist Sam Curtis created a video based on repeating imagery, factory processes, choreography and the power of the mnay all moving in one direction. This is the first time video art has been used to enhance a fish display and it worked to good effect with many visitors standing mesmerised at the counter.