the Soft Display 

Co-Curated by Division of Labour, Alistair Woods & Kieran Leach

10th October - 31st November 2020 

Paradise Works, Salford, M3 7LE

Film by Steve Iles 

The Soft Display is a group show exploring new sculpture and a current preoccupation with the objective and subjective 'mass of things', works that offer kinetic, haptic, poetic and critical reflections on ‘the soft’ and ‘the hard.’

The artist's individual approaches to making explore different ideas around the ‘softness’, not only in the materiality of objects but also addressing how the binary hard/soft affect our perception of the world around us. The works in the exhibition play with our understanding of reality and ask us to re-examine our expectations of leisure, class consciousness and the uncanny. 

Featured Artists:

Tiz Creel, Liam Fallon, Priscila Fernades, Richard Dean Hughes, Jeremy Hutchsion, Harminder Judge, Dean Kenning, Andrew Lacon, Kieran Leach, Rosie McGinn, Harrison Pearce and Maisie Pritchard

List of Works