2019 © Division of Labour - 4 Edgar Street, Worcester, WR1 2LR UK

London gallery takeover, M I L K

People See Nothing

Grace Denton James Hindle, Anna Reading, Joe Shaw,
Matt Antoniak, Max Lee, Sophie Lee

Woah takes, as a starting point, the concept of ‘suddenness’ in the work of Roman Signer. The exhibition turns this immediacy on its head, focussing instead on the inconclusive; the anticlimax, and the comedown that follows. The artists in the show have been selected for their work concerning both tension, and the state of limbo that arises when the pressure of the event or the emotion loops, never reaching a satisfactory conclusion.

People See Nothing is the first of two shows at Division of Labour curated by M I L K.   People See Nothing, a group exhibition showing the work of Matt Antoniak, Max Lee and Sophie Lee, considers the idea of the the forgotten, the cast-off and of waste.


M I L K are an artists’ collective based in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Formed in 2015, 
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