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Your Face Has No Function For Me

David Blamey, Céline Berger, Matthew Cornford, Sam Curtis, Chto Delat, Mark Essen, Joe Fletcher Orr, Andrew Gillespie, John Kilduff, Saulius Leonavicius & Milda Laužikaitė, Mark McGowan, Flore Nove-Josserand, Yelena Popova, David Rickard, Gavin Wade  

YFHNFFM is the second of three exhibitions.This exhibition expands upon the negation of invisible art in the previous exhibition AFTER. YFHNFFM presents a nuanced account of current relationships between art and politics. Agitational works include film, installation and performance which question austerity, agency, representation after the critique of representation, violence and symbolic violence, the collective author, art and use-value, art and ethics, art and the crisis of democracy, art and labour.*