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Microplastics Rain Down from the Sky
opens 20th February

Hilary Jack
S Mark Gubb
Edward Clydesdale Thomson

Talk, talk, talk,
curated by Alistair Hicks, London LAF Dialogues section
21-26 January, London Design Centre

Rosie McGinn
John Robinson
Robin Megannity 
Art Rotterdam
6-9 February, Van Nellefabriek, Rotterdam

S Mark Gubb,
Edward Clydesdale Thomson
supported by University of Worcester



Election Special, The Artist Taxi Driver, Peter Kennard, Worcester. Winter 2019
Walkabout (After Nicolas Roef), John Robinson, Worcester. Autumn 2019
BHS, group show, Salford. Autumn 2019
Artissima Art Fair, Nov 2019- John Robinson & guests
Buffer Zones, curated show with Paradise Works, Salford. Summer 2019
In no Particular Order, group show, Salford. Spring 2019
Dallas Art Fair, Apr 2019. Yelena Popova, Harry Meadley 
Art Brussels, Apr 2019. Pricilla Fernandes 
Art Rotterdam, Feb 2019. John Robinson, Andrew Lacon
P is for Portrait, group show, Worcester. Spring 2019
Apparel, group show, Salford. Winter 2018
Artissima Art Fair, Nov 2018. Priscila Fernandes
Vanishing Point, solo show, Cornford & Cross. Autumn 2018
Dallas Art Fair, Apr 2018. Yelena Popova
Art Brussels, Apr 2018. Jeremy Hutchison, Sonia Boyce, Yelena Popova
Art Rotterdam, Feb 2018. Priscila Fernandes, Sam Curtis
JEZZA the MOVIE (part 1) solo show, The Artist Taxi Driver. Spring 2018
Hrenovuha (Horseradish Vodka) solo show, Yelena Popova. Winter 2017
Migrant Press Revisited, Sonia Boyce, S Mark Gubb, David Blackmore, London. Autumn 2017
Education Education Education Learn Learn Learn, group show, London. Mid Autumn 2017
Migrant Press Revisited, Sonia Boyce, S Mark Gubb, David Blackmore, Worcester. Summer 2017
The Manchester Contemporary, Oct 2017, Yelena Popova, Matthew Cornford, Sonia Boyce

Concentric Zone Theory : Post-London, moderated by Lynda Morris, London. Early Autumn 2017
Code Art Fair, Aug 2017 Copenhagen, DK. Simon & Tom Bloor, Kristian Kragelund, Matthew Cornford.
Woah & People See Nothing, Curated shows by MILK, London Summer 2017
Fish Rubbing, Art Night, Sam Curtis and Eleanor Morgan, London. Summer 2017
The Print Dept. group show, London. Summer 2017
Looking at Art Looking at People (Part II), group show, at Modern Clay, Birmingham. Summer 2017
Fugazi, Andrew Lacon, Jaslean Kaur, London. Spring/Summer 2017
Art Brussels, Apr 2017. Jeremy Hutchison, Jasleen Kaur
Art Rotterdam, Feb 2017. solo show, Yelena Popova
Everything is Broken, solo show, Simon Linington. Spring 2017
Your Face has no Function for Me, group show (with Chto Delat), London. Winter 2016
After, group show (with Robert Barry) London. Autumn 2016
The Manchester Contemporary, Oct 2016, Andrew Lacon, David Blamey
Looking at People Looking at Art, curated by Mark Essen, group show, London. Summer 2016
Monument to a Fishmonger, solo show, Sam Curtis. Summer 2016

Futures, solo show, Céline Berger, London Autumn 2016
Art Brussels, Apr 2016. solo show Cornford & Cross
Art Rotterdam, Feb 2016. solo show, Gavin Wade in support of Henk Peters and Bernard Obertin
The Manchester Contemporary, Oct 2015, Barry Sykes, Lexi Strauss, Andrew Mania, David Blamey
Hermits and Reliable Artists', David Blamey, Barry Sykes, London. Autumn 2015
Cryopreservation : Need Flowers Tomorrow?, group show, Nottingham. Summer 2015
Andrew Lacon, solo show, Andrew Lacon, London. Summer London
Art Brussels, Apr 2015, solo show Sam Curtis

Art Rotterdam Feb 2015, solo show Céline Berger
The Manchester Contemporary, Oct 2014, Sam Curtis,  Saulius Leonavicius
Plaine Materials Nov 2014, duo show, Andrew Lacon, Cornford & Cross, Brighton  Photo Biannual 
Objectless Expansion, solo show, Jeremy Hutchison, Worcester. Summer 2014
Reboot, Solo show, John Robinson, Worcester. Spring 2014
Homage to January, group show, featuring Robert Barry, Worcester. Spring 2014
Art Brussels, Apr 2014, solo show Gavin Wade
Art14 - with Star Gallery, (Biejing) Jan 2014. Sally Payen, John Robinson

Vienna Contemporary, Sept 2014,  solo show, Gavin Wade
The Manchester Contemporary, Oct 2013, solo showCeline Berger
The Gallerist Programme / De Appel; Liste Art Fair Jun 2013. Jeremy Hutchison
Sluice Art Fair, Jun 2013 solo show, Sam Curtis
Art Rotterdam Feb 2013 , solo show, Sam Curtis
The Manchester Contemporary, Oct 2012, Sam Curtis,  Saulius Leonavicius, Candice Jacobs, Ned James





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