Gavin Wade (1971, GB) graduated as a painter from London’s Central Saint Martins in 1994. He curated his first exhibition in 1996 and has operated as an artist-curator ever since. In 2008 he founded Eastside Projects, an experimental art space in his home-town of Birmingham, with five other artists, architects and designers.

A pragmatic utopian. Wade was Research Fellow in Curating at Wolverhampton University (1999-2002) and Birmingham City University (2004-2008) (2012-present). In 2010, he received the major Paul Hamlyn Foundation Breakthrough Fund Award for exceptional cultural entrepreneurs.


Besides many various group exhibitions and projects internationally, he has also curated solo exhibitions with, to name but a few, Liam Gillick, Dan Graham, Mike Nelson, Jennifer Tee, Carey Young and Bas Jan Ader. Wade also uses writing and publishing as a key part of his practice as an artist-curator and has authored, edited and published over 40 books and is a prolific tweeter as @eprjcts.  UPCYCLE THIS BOOK, is a collection of his writings since 2005 and will be released by Book Works and Stroom Den Haag 2016.

Z is for ZOO
Frans Hals Museum
27 August - 11 December, 2015

Artist-curator Gavin Wade (1971, GB)  proposed an intervention in the permanent collection presentation of the Frans Hals Museum within the scope of New & Old. Wade’s work combines, conflates and fictionalises histories and methods of exhibiting. An artwork only exists when it is in the act of displaying. In storage, the artwork is nothing more than an artefact, materials, or stuff waiting to come back ‘to life’ as art again. According to Wade, how you exhibit is just as important as what you exhibit. These are the motivations that form the basis of Wade’s intervention in the Frans Hals Museum collection. He creates sculptures that function as display units – systems on which works from the museum’s old, modern and contemporary art collections are displayed as a temporary zoological garden.

EST.1690 Worcester Berrows edition 2015
Society Falls Apart

Society Falls Apart
Society Gets Fixed

A is for Analogue

Rachel Lowe Gavin Wade

Narritive Projects
110 Cavendish St
London WR1 6XR
26 September – 4 November 2017 

Notes on A-Z Type Display Units (After Kiesler and Krischanitz)’ Artist-curator Gavin Wade is creating an A-Z alphabet of display structures adapted from the artistand architect Frederick Kiesler’s ‘L-Type’ and ‘T-Type’ Display Unit’s of 1924 and Adolf Krischanitz’s ‘Secession Mobile Wall System’ of 1986.
Both display systems were made in Vienna, Kiesler’s for the ‘Exhibition of New Theatre Technique at the Konzerthaus, and Krischanitz’s as a permanent wall system as part of his renovation of the Vienna Secession. The structure of Wade’s new display units are loosely based on Kiesler’s attempts to develop a new language of form for installation through a grouping of freestanding demountable supports. Each unit deploys a careful balance of vertical, horizontal and diagonal beams, slatted surfaces and plinths or seats for the adjustable positioning of artworks for display. P is for Portrait, the P-Type Display Unit plays host to a number of artworks operating as a curated microcosm or a complete exhibition.

Upcycle This Book
ISBN  978-1-906012-


The bull series based on Trewin Copplestone’s lost ‘Charging Bull’ 1963 public sculptures in Birmingham, taken down in 2003.

Eastside Projects Billboard (pic)
Europa and The Bull, (After Trewin Copplestone) 2014
Bauhaus Bull (After
 Trewin Copplestone) 2017