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Pallet Show with Daniel Pryde-Jarman (UK) Artist / Curator



Conceived by Daniel Pryde-Jarman and Nat Pitt
Curated exhibitions using the pallet as the support structure and mode of display. The pallets are themselves artworks, exploring the line between minimalist sculpture and functional objects. Sculptures that also have the capacity to perform a function, and an experiment in how art objects might be (re)purposed to take on the role of support structures or hosts for other works and ideas within an exhibition context.

Pallet Show is informed by the mass transit of artworks in the art market and global economy, and the logistics of their movement from, to, and between, sites of storage and display.

Pallets are signifiers of trade that wear the markings of the workings of these interconnected systems. Pallet Show blurs the distinction between the movement and storage of works at


The shows will appear provisional, in transit, and under construction, in flux. The project is inspired by the forms and legacy of minimalist sculpture, including the furniture sculptures of Donald Judd, ‘simulated readymades’ of Fischli and Weiss, and Seth Siegelaub’s curatorial projects.

Handmade in 18mm birch plywood, the pallets are configured in an equally-spaced configurations. Each pallet follows the standard Euro-pallet dimensions, providing an exhibition platform measuring 120 x 80cm, with no height limitation for
stable free-standing works (height limit tbc).



A Modest Show is an independent curatorial platform to develop and support the relationships between Artists, Curators, Arts Organisatons, Museums & Galleries, Academics & Writers and Collectors. A Modest Show aims to strengthen and develop the relationships between the visual arts ecology of the North-West & Midlands in England & Wales with local and international collectors. Working independently, A Modest Show continues to build upon the work of other organisations, past and present, to develop an art market and feed our networks back into the ecology directly with artists and arts organisations. @modestshow

Daniel Pryde-Jarman is an artist and curator whose research interests include institutional critique, the politics of display, and forms of self-organised artist-led culture. Pryde-Jarman has been involved in setting up several artist-run spaces, including Grey Area in Brighton (2006 - 2012), and is currently Director of Meter Room project space & studios, an arts charity based in Coventry that provides affordable studio space to recent art graduates. @danielprydejarman


EURO-PALLET (EPAL) The Euro-pallet, also known as EUR-pallet or EPAL-pallet, is the standard European pallet as specified by the UIC pallet working group. Pallets conforming to the standard are eligible for the European Pallet Pool (EPP), the system which allows for an exchange as ‘pallet for pallet’.

The EUR/EPAL-pallet is 800mm × 1,200mm × 144mm; it is a four way block pallet made of wood that is constructed with 78 fixings in a prescribed pattern. Euro-pallets are the most widespread pallet type in the world, with more than 650 million EPAL pallets in circulation around the globe.

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